The romance of a pizza


[Originally written for and published by Wessex Scene]

May 18 2019

During exam season we are all reflecting on every other place we’d rather be. Instagram feeds are overflowing with “Wish I was here instead of the library” posts, and browsing SkyScanner to see how far £20 will get you is a top form of procrastination (for the record, Antwerp and Esbjerg are supposed to be lovely at this time of year).

I’m no different, but whilst I’m reminiscing over a holiday in Croatia, it isn’t the feeling of sand between my toes or that post-sunbathing nap that I’m dreaming about, but rather a pizza.

Disclaimer: for those of you who shudder at the thought of pineapple on pizza, what follows might be too much to bear.


Five weird hot cross buns to jazz up your Easter


[Originally written for and published by Wessex Scene]

April 11, 2019

As soon as the culinary onslaught of Christmas is over, it’s a matter of days before supermarkets are stocking their shelves with Easter treats. Traditionally eaten to mark the end of Lent, hot cross buns are now available to buy for almost a third of the year, and so it’s easy to see how everyone might already be hot cross-bunned out.

While some may argue that the humble hot cross bun is perfect just the way it is, many supermarkets deviate from the classic to make their buns stand out in this tsunami of sultanas and spices. I’ve had mixed feelings on seeing different flavour combinations this year, ranging from intrigue to horror, so I’ve taste-tested five quirky hot cross buns that I’ve come across to save you the trouble.

The shocking effect the pandemic will have on global poverty


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Predicting the impact on global poverty

Anticipating exactly what the future has in store feels like an impossible task in these unprecedented and precarious times – what is clear however, is that the poor will be worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the shocking impact that the virus will likely have on the world’s most vulnerable.